Last of Us Remake in the Works

Sometimes it feels like ever since The Walking Dead came out, all zombie stories are super-serious human dramas rather than bloody action trips. I’m admittedly more of a fan of the latter than the former, but I can certainly respect a story like The Last of Us, and agree that it’s one everyone should experience. In the event that you haven’t yet, you may have another chance soon, because there’s a Last of Us remake in the works.

According to a report released by Bloomberg, Sony has commissioned a full PlayStation 5 remake of the first Last of Us, and apparently, this actually went down a good few years ago. Apparently, Visual Arts Service Group was originally working on this as far back as 2018 (which is weird, as the PS5 wasn’t a thing yet then, but whatever), but had their work deprioritized due to development of The Last of Us Part II. After The Last of Us Part II got delayed, the remake of the first game had to be temporarily shelved so Visual Arts Service Group could assist Naughty Dog directly in development. 

Last of Us Remake in the Works

At time of writing, it isn’t known when, precisely, this full remake of The Last of Us will release for the PlayStation 5. If you don’t feel like waiting for it, there are plenty of other ways to experience the game. The original version can still be played on a PlayStation 3 either from a physical copy or a digital download (though do remember that the PS3’s online store is getting shuttered soon), and you can also play The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4. Heck, you could probably play The Last of Us Remastered on a PlayStation 5 right now. It wouldn’t be completely optimized for the system, but you could definitely do it. If you don’t want to play anything, you can just wait for the HBO tv series, though according to reports, while that series will cover the events of the first game in general, the plot may deviate from the original at points.

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